Shipping Container Homes: Eco-Friendly and Affordable

Looking for a unique way to live? Don’t want to set down roots in a traditional home? Try something different and invest in a shipping container home. Known as the perfect eco-friendly home, these units are made from recycled shipping containers. You can use one, two, 10 or more to create the perfect configuration for your needs, family size and budget. American Cargo Containers has what you need.

The ultimate in versatility, shipping container homes can be positioned and shaped in such a way as to create any style of home you want, vertically or horizontally. Not only are they more affordable than standard homes, they’re faster to build and present off-grid capabilities.

This trendy way to live is catching on all over the country. The supply is certainly there, with millions of out-of-service containers globally. What better use for them than as homes, studios, cabins and granny pods? In addition to the trendy factor, interest in container homes is also due in large part to the money savings offered by prefabricated and modular homes.

Today’s money-conscious homeowners are seeking lower construction and maintenance costs. Plus, the fact that they are contributing to the recycling effort and not wasting resources is icing on the cake.

Choose one storage container for a tiny home or piece eight together for a two-story house. You can even make an apartment complex with hundreds of containers! The possibilities are endless.

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