Sleek, Fun and Modern: Shipping Container Pools

Looking to cool off but don’t want to spend a fortune on an in-ground pool? You have another option: shipping container pools. This is the ultimate in DIY cooling options, becoming more and more popular for those with limited spaces and budgets. They can be built into the side of your landscape, complementing a retaining wall or they can stand alone, with decking built around.

Solid or glass-walled, shipping container pools give savvy homeowners an eco-friendly, forward-thinking option when they want something different than the traditional round or oval shaped pool. They also cost a lost less than your typical in-ground pool, which can cost upwards of $50,000 plus decking and landscaping.

Use one container or several to build your own configuration. You can even make one half a hot tub and other a cool pool for the best of both worlds. With quick set-up, you can enjoy your new pool in no time. Plus, you can effortlessly control temperature, jets and lighting, all from your smartphone.

Shipping containers make ideal pools because they are compact, structurally sound, durable and sturdy. With such a small footprint, this eco-friendly and affordable option is a cost effective choice for many of today’s savvy homeowners looking to think outside the box. 

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