Tiny Homes, Tiny Price

You’ve seen the shows on TV all about tiny home living. Not all are made from storage containers, but even so, if this type of living appeals to you, we have the solution. Here at American Cargo Containers, we offer a variety of new and used storage containers to purchase so you can start your own tiny living movement.

Tiny homes are all the rage right now, as more and more people are looking to live simpler and more affordably. If minimalist living appeals you, a tiny home constructed from a new or used shipping container will meet your needs just fine. They’re customizable, affordable, fast to construct and eco-friendly. In addition to being used as a primary residence, they can also be fashioned as guest homes, granny pods, off-grid cabins, fishing cottages and work sheds.

Known as the perfect eco-friendly home, these units are made from recycled shipping containers. Not only are they more affordable than standard homes, they’re faster to build and present off-grid capabilities. You’ll save on energy costs, construction costs and overall living costs. Plus, you can park your home anywhere and even landscape around it to make it more homey.

In addition to the trendy factor, interest in container homes is also due in large part to the money savings offered by prefabricated and modular homes. That’s because today’s money-conscious homeowners are opting for lower construction and maintenance costs. Plus, these units are recycled, which makes them an eco-friendly choice for anyone.

So, if you’re looking for a unique way to live and don’t want to set down roots in a traditional home, try something different and invest in a tiny home instead.

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