Use Cases

How Can Shipping Containers Be Used?

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Storage Containers

Watertight and durable, storage containers are designed to store goods of all kinds, from furniture to sporting equipment to office supplies. Offering safe and secure storage for freight, valuables and other belongings, storage containers can be used for short- or long-term purposes. Uniformly sized, our storage containers come in 10’, 20’ and 40’ options and more. Guaranteed not to leak, you can select the size, door direction and condition that you need, from new to used.

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Shipping Container Homes

Touted as the perfect eco-friendly home, these units are made from recycled shipping containers. You can use one, two, 10 or more to create the perfect configuration for your needs, family size and budget. The ultimate in versatility, shipping container homes can be positioned and shaped in such a way as to create any style of home you want, vertically or horizontally. Not only are they more affordable than standard homes, they’re faster to build and present off-grid capabilities.

shipping container home

Tiny Homes

As you’ve probably seen on TV, tiny homes are all the rage right now, as more and more people are looking to live simpler and more affordably. If minimalist living appeals you, a tiny home constructed from a new or used shipping container will meet your needs just fine. They’re customizable, affordable, fast to construct and eco-friendly. In addition to being used as a primary residence, they can also be fashioned as guest homes, granny pods, off-grid cabins, fishing cottages and work sheds.

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Shipping Container Office

Ideal for contractors, freelancers, construction sites and more, shipping container offices provide the perfect space for compact office operations on site. Climate controlled, modular shipping container offices and comfort stations meet and exceed all your work space, meeting and storage needs – all in one place. They’re large enough to fit basic office furniture, tables, electronics and anything else you require to stay connected while on the job.

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Shipping Container Pools

For the ultimate in DIY cooling options, shipping container pools are becoming more and more popular for those with limited spaces and budgets. They can be built into the side of your landscape, complementing a retaining wall or they can stand alone, with decking built around. Solid or glass-walled, shipping container pools give savvy homeowners an eco-friendly, forward-thinking option when they want something different than the traditional round or oval shaped pool.