Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Buying from Cargocontainers.net

Upon customer request, 20 ft containers may be delivered on short bed trucks that do not require the maneuvering distances of longer trucks. Unless a short truck is requested in advance, containers are delivered on a full-sized truck/trailer. These vehicles are typically 65 to 75 feet in length and require the following:

  • Flat, solid ground capable of supporting truck, trailer, and container. (Rain soaked ground can make delivery impossible).
  • 95 feet straight ahead to pull out from under a 20 ft container (less on short truck).
  • 120 feet straight ahead to pull out from under a 40 ft or longer container.
  • 15 feet minimum space width and clear height from ground to 16� during offload procedure (Please call our dispatch office if height clearance is a concern).
  • No 90 degree or horseshoe bends in road or driveway leading to drop location.
  • Most trucks need about 40 ft width available to navigate curves on roads or driveways lined with trees, fences or hillsides.
  • No steep grades at drop off location. Roadway grades greater than 4% are considered steep.

Customer accepts responsibility for the freight charges if the driver is unable to deliver the unit where expected (Freight drivers are the experts regarding delivery and as such make the final decision regarding placement of the container). Refusal of delivery at drop off for any reason results in freight charges being assessed.

If the driver says he/she cannot place the unit at the customer�s desired location a secondary drop location must be made available or the customer is liable for freight to and from the delivery location.

Standard offload time is 45 minutes. Added freight charges may be assessed for excess offload time or mileage outside the city limits of the city indicated by the purchaser at the time order was placed.

Customer terminated orders are assessed a $250 cancellation/restocking fee. Customer refunds are processed within 10 business days of cancellation date.